Tori 4 Town Guest Profile: Tonia Shodunke
Tonia Shodunke

Tori 4 Town Guest Profile: Tonia Shodunke


Tonia Shodunke is a multi-faceted personality. She is a Pharmacist by profession, a Gospel Minister, International Speaker, Humanitarian and Life/Personal Transformational Coach.

She is passionate about helping others find their voice, learn to appreciate and love their unique qualities and to cultivate the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Using diverse skills, including coaching and facilitating, she supports others to move through their limiting beliefs to achieve in all areas of their lives.

Her passion for people is her calling and she leads others to become victorious over inner fears, doubts, negative beliefs, and other insecurities.

Tonia's greatest joy is to be part of your transformation journey to becoming healed, joyful, self-accepting, successful, self-fulfilled and confident.

She runs online and physical coaching sessions bordering around building strong self-esteem, goal setting, communication, time management, balancing life/career/family, self-motivation, self-management.

She is dedicated to helping others and interested in working with committed people who have the courage and willingness to take responsibility for their lives.

Tonia Shodunke is sold out to maximum productivity and all-round excellence as demonstrated in all she does. Her humanitarian drive impacts upon her passion in protecting the girl child, the less privileged, while inspiring and looking out for the welfare of women, making the society at large a better place.

She has handled so many projects that cover: providing supplies, vocational training resources for less privileged children, empowering secondary school girls and women of reproductive age, alongside inspiring and catering for the needs of women in rural and urban areas.

Tonia Shodunke is happily married with two wonderful children and can be reached on all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) with the handle @toniashodunke.

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