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5 Things Men Notice About You On A First Date

Titilayo Ilori

Have you ever wondered why that man never invited you on a second date? There was probably something you did wrong on the first date that made him lose interest in you. Here are things he would definitely notice about you on a first date.

1. Your outfit

The way you dress on a first date says a lot about you. If you wear a dress or top that exposes your breasts, that might be your date’s focus the rest of the outing.

In the same vein, if you wear a dress that exposes your buttocks or thighs, it will be difficult for him to take his mind off your exposed body parts.

2. Your smell

Most men can tell what type of perfume you are wearing once they come close to you. It is important to smell good when you are meeting a guy for the first time.

3. Your breath

Your breath is the first thing he will notice once you are settled. Try as much as possible to keep your breath fresh. Remember that first impressions last the longest.

4. Your hair

Whatever hairstyle you make, make sure it looks neat. Some women are fond of scratching their hair and perceiving it afterwards. This is a bad habit that can turn a man off, especially one you are meeting for the first time.

5. Your legs

Some women do not wear dresses that complement their legs. Imagine a woman with knocked knees wearing a mini skirt or a woman with hairy legs wearing a short gown or a skirt to her date without shaving. This will be a turn off to most men.