Source Reveals How Actress Jaiye Kuti Met Her Husband

Source Reveals How Actress Jaiye Kuti Met Her Husband

Pearl Emmanuel

Jaiyeola kuti is no doubt a household name in the Yoruba movie industry. She has carved a niche for herself and she is good at what she does. She is one actress in Nollywood who interprets her roles from the heart.

The Nigerian movie industry is flooded with unhealthy competition and marital woes, thus many were not surprised when Jaiye Kuti hid her marriage and family from the public.

However a source who prefers to stay anonymous has revealed the reason for her secrecy. According to this source , the identity of the actress’ husband is Mr. Lanre Kuti of C.Ray Company Limited.

The actress, who started her acting career from Laff Patterns, has two kids (a boy and a girl) for her husband. According to an inside source, Jaiyeola Kuti was the former secretary of her husband, Mr Lanre Kuti, CEO of C.Ray Company Limited.

A company that deals in automobiles and was situated at Apapa, Lagos at the time. The source went on to say that Mr. Lanre’s first wife, Funke Kuti introduced Jaiye to her family, before getting her the job as a secretary for her husband.

Jaiye was said to be close to the family, to the point that she was picking the Kuti children to and from school. The source also revealed that at the time, Jaiye was dating Mr. Lanre Kuti’s younger brother and it looked like the relationship would lead to the altar.

Jaiye Kuti and her kids
Jaiye Kuti and her kids

It was revealed that Mrs Funke Kuti took Jaiye as a daughter for years without knowing her true motive was to destroy her home. After the courtship with the younger Kuti man hit the rocks; Jaiye found comfort in the arms of married Mr. Lanre Kuti.

He was still happily married to his wife Funke, when the affair with the actress began. Attempts by family members to put an end to the illicit affair proved abortive as Jaiye at the time fell pregnant for the married man.

When the scandal and Jaiye’s pregnancy became public, Mrs Funke Kuti was not having it, neither were family members. Although not much could be done because the mistress was pregnant already and she was not ready to have an abortion.

Sources say the family never remained the same and Mr. Lanre Kuti’s indiscretions plunged them into unending conflict. Jaiye having had her way and infiltrated the family gave birth to a baby boy (King Kuti) and thereafter bore a second child, a baby girl (Anastasia Kuti).

King Kuti and Anastasia Kuti
King Kuti and Anastasia Kuti

The constant fighting became too much and Lanre Kuti sent his first wife and her children out of the house and business she had helped build.

The first wife at this time is without the financial support of her husband and is reportedly ill.

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