5 Things That Should Never Happen In A Healthy Relationship
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5 Things That Should Never Happen In A Healthy Relationship

Titilayo Ilori

Feeling insecure or unhappy in a relationship is a sign that something is missing. If you ever feel something is wrong somewhere, take note of what exactly the problem is so that you will know how to deal with it.

Communication is key in every relationship. No matter how difficult it may seem, learn to communicate with your partner in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Check out five things that should never happen in a healthy relationship below.

1. Your partner disagrees with you on everything

Your partner can't always agree with everything you say but if they form the habit of always disagreeing with your opinion and siding with someone else, then there is a problem.

Talk to your partner about it, let them know how this makes you feel. If your partner really loves and care about you and the habit is not intentional, they will apologise and adjust.

2.  Your partner calls you unpleasant names

It is normal to have a disagreement with your partner. But the last thing your partner should do is call you names. If they ever call you names or question your character, then there is a problem.

Talk to your partner and resolve it in a mature way. How you resolve your differences is important. Having a discussion after each misunderstanding shows how strong the relationship is but name-calling is totally unacceptable.

3. Your partner lets you know the negative feelings they have towards your family

Your partner can't like all your family members. There are some they will get along with and some that they won't get along with. But if your partner makes a negative comment about all your family members, that is a warning sign that something is wrong somewhere.

This sign might likely mean such a person is not ready to take the relationship further or such a person does not respect you. It could also mean that the person has a problem with your family but refuses to speak up.

4. Your partner hardly invites you over

If your partner truly loves you, then they won't be shy to take you anywhere. Your partner should always invite you to public or private functions. You should always hang out with each other's friends, invite each other to an event with family, co-workers, and so on.

5. You are always scared to talk

When you begin to feel scared to speak up when necessary, this means the relationship is not healthy. There is no reason why you should be scared to talk to your partner. Be bold and feel comfortable all the time whenever you are around your partner.

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