Titi’s Erotic Notes
Titi’s Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Wet Ride (18+)

Titilayo Olurin

Dami’s fingers had pushed her pink lacy pant to the side and was already poking, tickling, and teasing her thick wet, glistening pussy lips before she had a chance to object. She held her breath sharply, stealing a glance at the backseat through the rear-view mirror to be sure Eve wasn’t looking at them. She wasn’t. Her head was bent over her phone, thumbing through it and occasionally letting out a quiet giggle or two.

The Toyota Avalon had now crawled to a halt at the red traffic light just ahead and Dami could take his eyes off the road for a moment. He held on to the steering wheel with a hand rather casually and continued with the other to stroke her c*nt. With short, slow strokes, his fingers found a rhythm inside her, a rhythm only she could understand, one which made her want to scream out in pleasure.

Joy arched her hips forward in her seat, letting her body match his strokes. She raised her short flower-patterned A-line dress slightly up almost to her navel, revealing part of her clean shaven, fleshy pussy just beneath her flimsy pant. Catching Dami’s lustful gaze in the bright headlights of an approaching vehicle, she smiled with satisfaction and reached across for his zipper. His c*ck was ready, bulging against his perfectly tailored black pants. She freed it and stroked lightly just as the traffic light began to turn orange then green.

Dami’s face twisted in pleasure, as he made a turn to the right, using only one hand on the steering wheel while the other remained in her warmth. The intensity of his strokes inside her increased as their car gained momentum, heading for the Eko Hotel roundabout. His rhythm was growing faster and faster, and with each new stroke, his fingers moved deeper inside her.

A small moan escaped her lips before she caught herself quickly, glancing again at the rear-view mirror. The passenger in the backseat was busy thumbing through her phone, oblivious to what was happening before her. Her stop was only a few blocks away and Joy could finally have her man to herself.

Yes, her man! Or she liked to think he was. Hadn’t he, after all, just showed her off to his friends? She let her gaze shift from the mirror to the man in the driver’s seat with his fingers in her c*nt. At the party earlier that night, he had not kept his hands off her. They were either in the small of her back or wrapped around her shoulders. One time, he had let his right hand linger on her bare thigh a tad too long under the table, as he whispered in her ear, “You look hot in that dress.” Another time, he had followed her after she excused herself to go to the bathroom. But for the interruption of two raucous ladies, they might have had a bathroom quickie. She had known then that it was going to be a wet ride home. She had no idea, though, that one of his friends was going to insist on joining them in the car.

‘’Uh … What’s going on?”

Joy froze when she heard Eve’s thin, almost shrill voice. Slowly withdrawing her hand from Dami’s c*ck, she stammered, “Goin … Going on … how?”

She felt Dami’s fingers freeze inside her, too. She had no doubt that Eve had seen them. But how much had she seen?

“Do you plan on taking me to your house?” Eve grimaced.

Joy wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a twinkle in Dami’s eye. Was he thinking what she thought he was thinking?

“Cos you just drove past my stop,” Eve explained.

“Oh!” Joy said shortly, hoping she had masked her sigh of relief well enough. That was it! She hadn’t seen them then.

Dami pulled the car off the road, waiting long enough for Eve to alight. But before he could pull the car back on to the road, she was at Joy’s window, her heels in one hand and bag in the other.

“I want in!” she said, her face plastered to the window. “I want in!”

“What?” Joy was confused, not sure what she meant.

“I want in! I saw you guys. I just pretended not to,” Eve said, opening the door and jumping right back into the car.

A mischievous grin was beginning to play around Dami’s lips. He didn’t seem surprised, but Joy was. He held her hand and squeezed it reassuringly before starting the car again.

Wasting no time, Eve leaned forward and ran her hands over Joy’s breasts, then grabbed each and squeezed, pinching her nipples through her dress. She slid her hand down into her pant, working her fingers steadily into her cl*t.

No longer needing to restrain herself, Joy moaned loudly, guiding Eve’s hand around her warmth with her hand. She felt herself nearing ecstasy and her cl*t vibrating.

“Oh my god!” she said, breathless, her voice hoarse. “Oooooh! Yeeessss!”

Her eyes wide, she gasped as she began shivering and jerking. Then she sat back in the plush leather seat of the car with an explosion of breath.

Wedging herself in the space between the two front seats, Eve turned to Dami and let her fingers find his c*ck. She began working it steadily, too, as she did Joy’s cl*t.

To be continued …

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