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Keke NAPEP Operators Protest Over Expensive License In Adamawa

Austin Papi

Commercial tricycle riders in Adamawa State have declared that they will stop operations in towns across the state. The popular tricycle, also known as Keke NAPEP, is widely regarded as the only means of public transportation in Yola and some top cities in the state.

The strike is as a result of the fact that keke operators were asked to obtain a special driving license with a high cost. This triggered the mobile road operators to mobilise themselves for the strike.

The State Chairman of Amalgamated Commercial Tricycle and Motorcycle Owners and Riders Association of Nigeria [ACOMORAN], Hussaini Mohammed, was unavailable for interview after efforts by journalists to reach him proved futile. However, a member of the association addressed newsmen, stating that the strike was a directive issued to keke NAPEP operators by the state office of ACOMORAN.

"As members, we all agreed that the cost of the license is too high. We feel that if it cannot be reduced, we should at least be given more time to get the money,” the member stated.

Fresh reports emerging from Yola indicate that the cost of the license for the Keke NAPEP riders is N3,350 for three years, and N5,450 for five years, and the Keke operators have an ultimatum of August 1, 2019 to obtain it.