Seyi Awolowo and Symply Tacha
Seyi Awolowo and Symply Tacha

BBN Season 4: Nigerians React To Tacha And Seyi Sharing The Secret Room

Pearl Emmanuel

Big Brother shocked fans on Sunday, July 21, when he evicted three housemates. But the twist to it was that two housemates, Seyi Awolowo and Symply Tacha, were taken to a secret room.

Seyi and Tacha were part of the five housemates up for eviction. Others included Frodd, Mike and Tuoyo. To the chagrin of many who rooted for Tuoyo, the part-time stripper who was the life of the boring Saturday night parties was evicted. Tuoyo was the least on the voting chart with about 6% of the overall votes.

Tacha and Seyi were led to the secret room where Big Brother informed them that they were very much still part of the game. Their rules included no whispering, no talking in low tones, among others. The two housemates were given a small bed to share in the secret room.

No one truly understands the plan Big Brother has for the two housemates by giving them one bed in such a small space. The audience speculated that it is a ploy to get them stronger and maybe put their love and commitment for their partners outside the house to a test.

Everyone felt the two housemates would reach an agreement and share the bed, seeing that the chair was quite small and uncomfortable to pass the night.

Rather than share the bed, Seyi opted to sleep on the floor while Tacha had the bed all to herself.

This raised questions and speculations from viewers about Seyi being a true gentleman. Different people have reacted to their sleeping arrangements and here's what they have to say:

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