Nigerian Writer, Timehin, Accuses Pretty Mike Of Rape

It’s still call out season and Pretty Mike is being dragged for rape.

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular public speaker and award-winning writer, Timehin, has come forward to explain that the man who defiled her and stole her innocence while she was 16 was Lagos big boy and PR Manager, Pretty Mike.

In her narrative essay, titled “Mothers and Men” which earned her a Gerald Kraak Award, Timehin gave a vivid description of how her body was defiled and how it affected her.

According to the writer, at that age, she never imagined she would be violated by someone she once liked and fantasized about kissing.

After the rape, she claimed to have opened up to her teacher who in turn explained to her mother what had happened.

Her mother, thereafter, took her to the hospital for examination. She painted a picture of being constantly abused by other men after being raped because she didn't know who owned her body.

Her constant sex with different men while in the university resulted in a pregnancy she couldn't terminate because of her religious background.

Years later, after carving quite an impressive career for herself, Timehin has come forward with claims that it was indeed Pretty Mike who stole her innocence against her will.

She claimed Pretty Mike violently penetrated her knowing she was a virgin and the shock led to her bleeding for days even though her period wasn't due.

Pretty Mike, although weird, is a friend to many in the entertainment industry. The socialite is yet to respond to her accusations.

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