3 Great Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes
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3 Great Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Titilayo Ilori

It is important to do all we can to keep our eyes safe. Little things we take for granted can help a lot when it comes to maintaining good eyesight. Below are three ways to take care of your eyes.

1.  Avoid sitting too close to your computer

Sitting too close to the computer has a negative effect on your eyesight. You shouldn't sit too close or far from the screen because both ways will affect your sight negatively.

You should get a laptop screen protector. This will help you dim the light of the laptop. You can also wash your eyes with cold water on a regular basis.

2. Rolling your eyes

This might sound funny but it is a great exercise for healthy eyes. Roll your eyes up and down, to the left and right and also roll it in a circular motion. This exercise should be repeated 10 times a day for a better result.

3.  Always wear sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes from all sorts of things. It is important to always wear them when stepping out of the house. Another way to protect your eyes is to avoid looking directly at rays of bright light, shining objects and the sun, as this can damage the eyes.

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