10 Safe Ways To Prevent A Miscarriage
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10 Safe Ways To Prevent A Miscarriage

Titilayo Ilori

Miscarriages are most common around the first trimester. Having a miscarriage is not something any woman would want to experience, as it leaves many traumatised. Below are 10 ways to prevent a miscarriage.

1. Always take folic acid

As tiny as folic acid is, it plays a vital role in the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. It is compulsory to take folic acid once a day.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can also help prevent miscarriage. You don't need to visit the gym if you don't want to. Taking a walk around the house can also help. Avoid sitting in a particular place for days, as it is not healthy.

3. Learn to manage stress

Stress should be the last thing a pregnant woman has to deal with. You must learn to manage yourself and avoid anything that can cause you stress, in order not to develop high blood pressure which can lead to preeclampsia.

4. Eat healthy

You need to eat well-balanced meals. Don't just eat anything you see. Make sure you eat lots of fruits. Don't forget to watch your weight.

5. Don't smoke or drink

Smoking and drinking alcohol while pregnant has lots of risks on both the mother and her unborn child. You should stay away from both.

When it comes to drinking caffeinated beverage, you shouldn't have more than one or two teacups in a day

6. Don't skip your immunisation

Some women take immunisation for granted. You shouldn't miss any immunisation. Make sure you are up to date.

7. Always clean your abdomen

It is important to keep your abdomen clean while pregnant in order to prevent infections.

8. Remember that not all sports are safe

As a pregnant woman, there are sports you can't participate in, such as skiing, running and so on.

9. Avoid self-medication

Never treat yourself blindly. Always consult your doctor before using any drugs and avoid buying drugs over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

10. Avoid infection

During pregnancy, you should stay away from anything that might cause infections. Clean your toilet regularly, iron or spread you undies under the sun and be mindful of sharp objects.

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