8 Health Benefits Of African Walnut
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8 Health Benefits Of African Walnut

Titilayo Ilori

African Walnut, also known as Asala, is a nut that has many health benefits. This nut is found mostly in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

African walnut is known for its ability to cure diseases. Most people consume it without knowing the health benefits. Below are the reasons you must eat African walnuts daily.

1. Good for sperm production

According to research, walnut helps to boost sperm quality because it contains omega 3 and healthy fatty acids which play an important role in sperm production. It is also good for women and helps to boost fertility.

2.  Helps the heart

African walnut contains L arginine that helps people who are suffering from hypertension and other heart diseases.

3.  It is good for weight loss

African walnut helps to burn unwanted fat in the body. You must be careful, though, because it is high in calories.

4. Helps deal with sleep disorder

People who have a problem sleeping at night should try African walnut. It helps cure the sleeping disorder. All you need to do is eat some before going to bed and be rest assured.

5. It reduces diabetes

African walnut  helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Helps the brain function properly

African walnut contains lots of vitamins which in turn help the eyes and the brain function properly. The walnut also helps to protect people from several diseases.

7. Reduces the risk of cancer

According to research, African walnut plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer in both the male and female sexes.

8.  Controls menstrual flow and corrects ovulation problems

African walnut helps to regulate the hormones because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The leaf is another remedy for menstrual cramps. You can boil the leaf and drink it to get some relief from the pains.

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