6 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen During Sex
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6 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen During Sex

Margaret Solace

Sex is to be enjoyed and there is no manual for it as long as you find it enjoyable. But there are certain embarrassing things that can occur during sex. Check out six of them below.

• Split condoms

You’re deep in the moment with your man and you hear or feel a different kind of warmness inside you. And at that moment, everything in you stops, except you just don’t care, after all.

• Farting

Farting during sex often occurs when too much air has been pumped into you during or before sex, and when tension arises, you hear the boom! Bless your soul it doesn’t smell.

• Early or late orgasms

The best part of a good sex is the orgasm and we always want to be the boss when it comes to staying longer in bed to satisfy the woman or the man. An early orgasm puts you in an awkward situation and spending one hour is not ideal either. You have to get it right!

• Fantasy gone wrong

Trying new positions or a new fantasy is good till it turns sour and ugly. Using handcuffs in bed is sexy until the key drops and you have to call someone else to open it up for you.

• Going in the wrong way

Ouch! That hurts. The male organ often slips out during sex, and in an attempt to continue, you end up putting it in the wrong place.

• Weird noises

Our bodies make noises during sex, either by friction or a change of position. Beds or chairs often creak and that can be awkward.

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