Sad mood
Sad mood

15 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

Having a bad, moody day? You may just want to read this.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

We all feel down and moody for different reasons once in a while. You may feel like you haven't been able to achieve much in your life or it could be that you have not been able to reach the goals you set for yourself or you are just maybe hurt by what someone said or did to you. That is okay. You are only human.

Whenever you are feeling down and moody, just do any of these things to improve your mood.

1. Listen to music

Not sad music, though. Listen to upbeat music. Music has been known to be a good mood booster. Connect your earpiece to your phone or mobile device and listen to the upbeat playlist you have to lift your spirit.

2. Have a good laugh

Watch funny videos. See a funny movie or series. Call or chat with a funny friend. Do something fun and uplifting.

3. Declutter

Clean up your house, room, surroundings, inner space. Get rid of any clutter. Sometimes, our mood is highly influenced by the state of our environment.

4. Vent

Talk to a trusted friend or family member that won't judge you. Tell them anything that is bothering you.

5. Focus on positive memories

Remember the post positive experiences you have had in the past and focus on them.

6. Don't force anything

Let things flow naturally.

7. Engage in hobbies

Do things you love, like playing video or computer games, watching a movie, dancing, swimming, reading etc.

8. Do something creative

Draw. Paint. Take pictures. Write. Build or fix up something. Discover a hidden talent.

9. Exercise

Exercise is not only great for your health. It is also a great mood booster. Make it a part of your lifestyle and you will hardly find yourself in a bad mood.

10. Sleep

Take a nap and wake up happier and refreshed.

11. Take a walk

Walk down your street, while listening to music on your phone and walk back. The mild exercise and fresh air will do you a lot of good.

12. Stay off social media

When in a bad mood, the worst place to be in or to vent is on social media, especially on Instagram. It may just trigger some feelings of insecurity which will definitely make you more moody. There are also many sadists and toxic folks on social media. Except you are watching funny videos that can improve your mood, please stay off social media.

13. Drink coffee

Caffeine is a great mood booster and it can also help to keep you alert. Whenever you wake up to a bad and moody morning, take a hot cup of coffee and you will definitely feel better. Don't take too much, though, as a high intake of caffeine can cause jitters, uneasiness and anxiety.

14. Eat dark chocolate

The cocoa used to make dark chocolate contains antioxidants known as flavonoids which have a natural relaxing and mood-boosting effect amongst other health benefits.

15. Do something nice for someone

Reach out to anyone who needs help or is currently facing a challenge. Help them in any way you can that is within your power. Put a smile on someone's face and watch as your mood changes instantly. Sometimes, our true happiness lies in making others happy. Just be selfless and empathetic.

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