Hilarious Reactions As Lady Shows Off Gift From Her Boyfriend

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

There are some stories you'd hear or romantic gestures you'd see and you'd be pushed to fall in love again, even if you already gave up on love.

This post by a Nigerian lady on micro-blogging platform, Twitter, is one of such. Little wonder it has got users of the platform wishing they had it just as good as her.

@Mztholu shared photos of the package her boyfriend sent to her while she was at work and the reactions by social media users have been extremely funny.

"My boyfriend had money and food delivered to me... I'm not crying," she tweeted on Wednesday evening before adding "Just peep the note" moments later.

Attached to the package containing money, a bowl of chicken wings and a plate was a note that read: "If you're going to eat my money, then at least use a plate."

Ordinarily, she would probably have been dragged on the platform for coming out to 'show off' the package sent by her boyfriend but the creativity of the young man meant she got nothing but admiration from tweeps.

Below are some of the hilarious comments that followed the post.

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