5 Foods Every Pregnant Woman Should Eat
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5 Foods Every Pregnant Woman Should Eat

Titilayo Ilori

During pregnancy, it is important to eat proper meals for the growth of your unborn child. Some women are only conscious of their weight during pregnancy, and because of this, they end up not eating the right food for the growth and development of their unborn child, which may result in malnutrition. Below are foods every pregnant woman should eat:

1.  Energy-giving food

It is advisable to eat food that contains complex carbohydrate, as this will give your body the energy it needs. You also need calcium during pregnancy to prevent constipation. Fruits and vegetables are also necessary during pregnancy, as your body needs vitamins.

2. Food with protein and iron

During pregnancy, it is important to eat food that contains protein and iron, such as chicken, fish, beans, egg whites, nuts, and shellfish, in order to build your blood, because during pregnancy, your blood volume increases to supply your unborn child.

3. Food that contains calcium

Every pregnant woman needs calcium for strong bones and teeth. You need milk, yogurt, chess, and some leafy green vegetables which contain calcium. You can also consume cereals that contain calcium.

4. Food that contains fat

When it comes to consuming food that contains fat during pregnancy, you must be careful. You should only eat food that contains healthy fat, like vegetable oil and olive oil. This is because your baby needs fat in order to stay healthy, so do you.

5. Food that contains calories

You also need some calories to keep going. You should consume only healthy snacks. They are also cereals that do not contain many calories.

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