6 Ways To Heal Faster After A Cesarean Section
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6 Ways To Heal Faster After A Cesarean Section

Titilayo Ilori

Every woman's dream is to go through childbirth. During childbirth, some women go through C-section, while some give birth the natural way. It doesn't matter either way. The important thing is that you are well and you get to save the life of your baby.

Women who give birth through cesarean section take longer to heal than women who give birth naturally. This is because C-section is a major surgery and women who undergo it need to know the do’s and don’ts of healing. Check out six ways to heal faster after a C-section.

1.  Get enough rest

After a C-section, some women are expected to stay in the hospital for a period of four to five days after delivery if there are no complications. The body needs not less than nine to ten weeks to fully recover.

Women who undergo a C-section need a lot of rest. This might be a bit difficult because of the stress of attending to your baby's every need. But you just have to find time to sleep. Once your baby is asleep, seize the opportunity to sleep and ask friends or anyone around to help you with things.

2. Pamper your body

After a C-section, make sure you take extra care of your body. Don't stress yourself and avoid carrying anything that is too heavy.

Sneezing, coughing and so on might be a bit different because it involves a lot of energy, and doing these things will be painful due to the incision. But you can hold your belly area any time you want to do any of these things in order to reduce the pains you might pass through.

3. Avoid sex

It is important to stay away from sex during this period. Also, avoid exercises. They might put your life at risk. You can walk around the compound. This will help your body heal faster and it will also prevent you from having constipation.

4. Take pain killers

Talk to your doctor on what drug you should use. Don't just buy any drug, because you have to think of your baby. And if you don't want to use any pain reliever, you can use a heating pad to relieve you of the pains you might be feeling.

5. Eat well

It is important for a breastfeeding mother to eat properly. This will make you feel strong and make your baby healthy. You also need to take lots of fluid, especially water, to help you prevent constipation and  help you lactate.

6.  Watch out for red flags

After a C-section, there are warning signs you should look out for, including smelly vaginal discharge, chest pain, swollen legs, difficulty breathing, vaginal bleeding, or pus coming out of the surgical site. All this might be signs of infection and you need to consult your doctor.

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