Ubi Franklin 
Ubi Franklin 

Leaked Chats Between Ubi Franklin And His Recent Baby Mama Surface

Ubi Franklin promised to give Sandra Iheuwa a set of twins before everything went south in their relationship.

Pearl Emmanuel

Chats between Ubi Franklin and London based businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, have surfaced on social media.

The chats reveal a series of conversations between Ubi and Sandra. At the start of their relationship, he promised to impregnate her with a set of twins. He explained to Sandra that he had a kid already but needed another male child from her.

He disclosed that twins run in his family. According to Ubi, he was born a twin but sadly lost his twin brother. He, however, emphasized that he had other siblings who were twins.

The chat also revealed some sex related conversations where he declared his intentions to Sandra and tried seducing her with sweet words.

The chats proceeded to June where Sandra blamed Ubi for being insensitive to her and for publicly denying her pregnancy.

In one of the chats, he suggested that she was overacting and he couldn't reach her on WhatsApp. This would have been because Sandra called him out on social media and asked him to pay the 4 million naira he owed her.

Sandra also mentioned she was ready to move on with her life and seek peace, having forgiven Ubi Franklin.

Those who couldn't believe it went ahead to call the number in one of the chats and confirmed it was actually Ubi Franklin.

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