Tekno and Ubi Franklin
Tekno and Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin Finally Acknowledges Tekno’s Exit From His Record Label

After fighting with Iyanya, and other record label mates, Ubi Franklin has pitched camp with Tekno.

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After much denial of happenings in his life, especially the exit of one of his most productive signees, Ubi Franklin has announced Tekno's exit from his record label.

Tekno left Made Men Music Group after much back and forth concerning the future of his career with them.

He was also signed to Upfront and Personal, owned by Public Relations big weight, known popularly as Paul O. This agency was responsible for most of the singer's international connections and performance.

Tekno was, therefore, receiving a lesser share of his money which was split between MMMG and Upfront and Personal bookings. He made the decision to leave MMMG since they were not pushing his career.

In the last quarter of 2018, Tekno created and launched his own record label, Cartel Music.

Tekno’s New Record Label
Tekno’s New Record LabelTekno - Happenings

He has gone on to release about two singles under his label and plans to sign his long time girlfriend and baby mama, Lola Rae.

Seeing that Tekno's new label is blossoming and all other signees to his one time big MMMG have left him, Ubi decided to acknowledge Tekno's exit almost a year later.

He wrote on Instagram:

5 years ago I was asked why I was signing you.Because they saw you as rude and arrogant, my reply then was Talent and self confidence most times comes out as rude and I believe the results show today that I wasn’t wrong.Most of the issues I had from that day with the former was because I took that decision to sign this great talent.One of the successful growth of Made Men Music is as a direct result of your outstanding talents, Your dedication and commitment to the label is priceless. Congratulations Tekno! This is a significant year for you as you celebrate an important part of your career. And as you reach this milestone with MadeMen Records, it is with great pride that I say I appreciate your outstanding exemplary character . This message reflects my appreciation for your dedicated years of service and is a symbol of your personal and professional commitment and loyalty to the label. Outstanding talents like you are and always will be my greatest asset. I always believed in you. Please know that you are an important member of the Made Men Music Group for life and your abilities and contributions is an important part of our continued success.Thank you Tekno for all that you do and please accept my good wishes on your new career journey.It’s a Family ThingCongratulations CARTEL MUSIC
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