3 Traits Of A Cheating Wife
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3 Traits Of A Cheating Wife

Titilayo Ilori

Infidelity is a major problem in some relationships. As a man, there are times you might feel insure and suspect your partner of cheating but you cannot confront her because you are not a cheat. These three signs will help you figure out if your wife is cheating on you.


1. She seems distracted each time you are together

Don't forget, women always pay attention to anything you say. If your wife seems easily distracted, there might be a problem. Watch out for signs of distraction each time you are both having a discussion.

A woman who truly loves her man will do anything to make her relationship work, no matter what.

2. She does not care about romance

No matter how romantic you are, you can never satisfy her if she is seeing someone else. She will begin to distance herself from you, and when it comes to lovemaking, she will definitely give you excuses about why she does not want it.

3. She calls constantly to ask about your whereabouts

Some women don't mean any harm. Some might call often just to know where you are because they want to surprise you.

But if she constantly asks about your whereabouts, it may mean she wants to play safe. It is either she is not home and wants to know when you will be home so you don't get home before she does.

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