Real Tok With Mr. PJ And The Gang: Does True Love Still Exist?
True Love

Real Tok With Mr. PJ And The Gang: Does True Love Still Exist?


Do you remember those days when before you get a girl to be in a relationship with you, you will have to actually "toast" her or write a well-constructed love letter?

Back then, a lot of guys came face to face with rejection and even humiliation as they were turned down many times by the ladies!

Finding love was more of a physical one on one interaction, as against what we have nowadays where its done online 99% of the time! This begs the question... Does true love still exist?

Why the question? Because the presence of the internet and social media seems to make many of the 'toasting' these days lack truth, sincerity, and genuineness!

People seem to represent one thing online but present a different thing in person! "Faking it" seems to be the in thing!

Would you like to know how or where to find true love? Or learn how you can start a "real" serious relationship in the midst of all the digital craze?

Oya, join me on REAL TOK WITH MR. PJ COMEDIAN AND THE GANG on Thursday 8th August from 3 pm, as we talk about finding true love, starting a lasting relationship and other things in-between.

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