3 Reasons Your Relationship Drama Never Ends 
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3 Reasons Your Relationship Drama Never Ends 

Titilayo Ilori

Are there times you wonder why the drama in your relationship never ends? Do you wonder why you continue fighting with your partner on the same issue? You are probably making the same mistakes many other people make. That is, you have not sat down to talk about the cause of your relationship drama. Check out three reasons why your relationship has so much drama in it.

1. You give in to condemnation

This is common among the men. Some men are used to condemning any little mistake made by the woman. You should always stand your ground and say no to condemnation.

2. You have feelings of insecurity

Insecurity is a big problem in a relationship that affects both sexes. Negative feelings and energy will cause a huge problem in your relationship because you will continue to get angry over nothing.

3.  You tolerate a selfish partner

A selfish person will only do things they will benefit from, which is very wrong. As time goes on, your partner will find out that you have been doing things for your selfish interest and it will become a problem.

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