5 Secrets You Should Never Share With Your Partner 
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5 Secrets You Should Never Share With Your Partner 

Titilayo Ilori

There are things you do to keep your relationship going. Sometimes, you have to keep some secrets to save your relationship. This is necessary because you do not want your partner to use these things against you in future. Below are secrets you should never share with your partner.

1. The number of sex partners you have had

When dating someone new, it is normal for them to want to know how many people you have had sex with. As a woman, it is best not to give him a figure so he won't end up using it against you. As for men, they don't see it as a big deal. Some of them even add to the numbers.

2.  Who you were with last night

This applies to people in long distance relationships. It is advisable to mind what you say when asking about where and who you were with the previous night. Don't forget, your partner is far from you and it is normal to suspect your every move.

3. If you're happy with the relationship

Some women find it difficult to say what they don't like about their relationship, unlike the men. When they are asked, they smile and say everything is okay, whereas they are not okay with certain things.

Your previous relationship might be better than the new one in some ways. But you shouldn't let your partner know this.

4. Why you broke up with your ex

It is normal for your new partner to want to know what happened between you and your ex-partner. But sometimes, it is necessary to edit some parts or you don't talk about it so your partner won't use it against you one day.

5. If your ex-partner is better than your new partner

People can never be the same. It is normal for your ex-partner to have some qualities that your new partner does not have. But it is best to keep it a secret. You should never compare your partner to your ex, as this can destroy your relationship.

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