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Men! These Are 3 Ways To Win Her Over After She Rejects You
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Men! These Are 3 Ways To Win Her Over After She Rejects You

Titilayo Ilori

Getting rejected by a woman you love can be demoralizing. It is a tough blow to deal with, especially if you have deep feelings for her. But there are things you can do to win her over, and they include these three.

1.  Be sincere with her

One of the most common reasons why some men keep getting rejected is that they are not honest. Try as much as possible not to hide anything from her. Be open, let her know how you feel about her and go straight to the point. Don't beat around the bush.

2. Talk to her

Sometimes what you need is just good communication. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say. Don't be rude to her because of the decision she made. No matter how angry you are, try to control your temper and talk to her with respect.

3.  Give her time to explain herself

Don't treat her like an enemy because she rejected you. Some men behave childishly and can go to the extent of punishing the woman because she rejected his advances. It is possible that she has got something to say, so listen to her. You would be surprised that she might have a rethink later.