Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Iceberg Slim Finally Admits He Cheated On Juliet Ibrahim

Pearl Emmanuel

After months of publicly displaying their seemingly unquenchable love for each other, Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim parted ways.

The couple, who earlier spoke about getting married and starting a family, split in the most public breakup yet and neither party revealed why they decided to abandon their relationship.

Juliet Ibrahim took the breakup quite seriously and it might have led to her self-discovery journey as a potential relationship counsellor.

However, Iceberg Slim has not been totally silent about her feminist relationship pieces of advice and has made some side comments which prompted fans to raise eyebrows.

Juliet took the inspiration from the breakup a bit more futuristic and decided to write a book, titled "A Toast to Life", which has been making waves ever since.

Iceberg Slim, seeing her progress, decided to capitalise on her publicity and create cheap brand awareness for himself. He penned down his apology to Juliet Ibrahim.

The music star also revealed he cheated on her countless times even though she helped skyrocket his almost dead singing career.

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