11 Ways To Get A Promotion At Work
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11 Ways To Get A Promotion At Work

Ready for that promotion or next big step in your career? This article is your guide.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Are you tired of being stagnant and need to progress and grow in your place of work? Or do you just need the additional income and benefits that come with a promotion? These tips on how to get a promotion at work will help you.

1. Document your achievements

You have to put yourself out there. Blow your own trumpet. Your bosses or superiors may not be aware of your accomplishments, so you need to have concrete evidence that can be provided when it is time for promotion.

2. Build a relationship with the Human Resources personnel in your office

Take him or her to lunch. Be friendly and show genuine care and concern. They are likely to put in a word or two for you when it is time for promotion. They can also let you know more about the likely positions in the office that need fresh faces.

3. Do more

Show that you can be a leader. Push beyond your job description. Take the initiative. Don't limit yourself. Don't be afraid to be termed a busy body by your colleagues. When it comes to advancing or progressing in your career, there is no such thing as overdoing it. Remove that word from your vocabulary if you want to get ahead in life.

4. Ask for a promotion

Just go for it directly. If you never ask you can never know. If you feel you have paid your dues enough in the company and you are sure you deserve this promotion, just go ahead and ask for it.

5. Stay relevant

It is one thing to land a job and another to keep it. Don't let yourself go. Stay up to date. Be creative. Be innovative. Proffer solutions to issues going on in your company. Let them see your value. Show them what they will miss out on if they do not promote you.

6. Get close to your boss

This does not mean you should kiss-ass or boot-lick. It means get friendly. Find a common ground and common interests. Get to know your boss on a whole different level while still maintaining your self-respect and not passing the boundaries of the employer and employee relationship. Your face may just be the first one that pops into your boss's head when he thinks of employees to promote.

7. Make your boss look good

Make his or her work easier. Do your best to be a great employee. Don't do anything to jeopardize the reputation of his or her business, company or brand to potential clients, superiors or even competitions.

8. Maintain a positive attitude

Be a team player. Help other employees do better at their jobs if it is within your power. Be that nice guy or lady at your place of work but don't be a doormat.

9. Mind your business

Stay away from office politics and gossip. Also, avoid being a bully to weaker employees. Rather, lift them up and help to highlight their strengths. Do this instead of bringing them down for your own personal gain. Nobody likes a bully or a toxic person who makes others feel bad about themselves. They may fear them but they can never like or respect them.

10. Be diligent

Just do your best at your job. Be committed. Don't be lackadaisical about your job or display eye service. Even if your other colleagues have a bad attitude towards work, don't be like them. You may think nobody is watching but the truth is someone is actually watching and observing everything going on. When it is promotion time, only those that are deserving of it and have put in the work will get promoted.

11. Be different.

Stand out. Be exceptional. You should not feel superior to or act arrogantly towards other employees, though. Just have good work ethics. Get to work early and be the last to leave. Most of all, have self-respect.

Go get that promotion.

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