5 Ways To Enjoy Sex After Childbirth
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5 Ways To Enjoy Sex After Childbirth

Titilayo Ilori

Childbirth can change a whole lot about a woman's sex life. Most women don't enjoy sex after delivery because of the changes in their postpartum hormones.

Doctors advise women who give birth naturally to wait for at least four to six weeks and those who suffer a tear to wait longer.

If you have been having problems with sex after delivery, these steps below will help you.

1. Don't be in a rush

A few months after delivery, you might not be in the mood for sex. Do not force yourself just to satisfy your partner. It is best to take it slow.

2. Engage in foreplay

Foreplay before sex will help your vagina produce the necessary lubrication that will help your partner penetrate easily.

3. Use a lubricant

Our bodies differ. When your partner can no longer wait for your vagina to produce its natural lubricant, you can use a water-based lubricant.

4. Create time for your man

Some women divert their attention to their newborn and forget about their partner's needs. This is totally wrong. As a woman, you must learn how to balance time between your partner and child.

5. Communicate with each other

Communication remains the key to every successful relationship. Learn to communicate with your partner. It is normal for women who just put to bed through natural delivery (vaginal birth) not to enjoy sex like they used to before delivery. Tell your partner about it, so both of you can look for a solution.

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