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5 Ways To Stop Your Kids From Fighting
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5 Ways To Stop Your Kids From Fighting

Are your children constantly at each other’s throats? Learn five ways to keep them from fighting. 

Titilayo Ilori

It is normal for kids to fight with each other over little things. Siblings fight every now and then. That is why they have you as a parent to explain why they should not be at each other's throats. Find below five ways to keep your children from fighting.

1. Give them equal attention

Most of these children seek attention when they fight. If you don't give them equal attention, then the older ones will always fight with the younger ones because the older ones will see the younger ones as threats.

2.  Leave them to resolve issues on their own

Sometimes, it is best to leave your children to resolve issues on their own. Don't interfere each time they have a misunderstanding, and if at all you must interfere, try not to be biased in your judgment.

3. Teach them how to resolve conflicts

Sometimes, you need to teach your children how to resolve conflicts. Explain to them why they shouldn't get violent whenever they have a misunderstanding.

4. Settle whatever causes conflict

As a parent, you should study your children. Take note of whatever causes conflict between them. Your children must be fighting for a reason or more. Try to figure out what these reasons are. If they constantly fight over toys, books etc, help them learn the value of sharing, make a plan or create a system that would help them share.

5. Set a good example for your children

Children look up to their parents and tend to follow their parents’ footsteps. If you and your partner fight all the time, then you should expect such attitude from your kids. Learn to resolve issues at home as calmly as you can.