Davido Accuses First Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu, Of Being A Witch

Davido Accuses First Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu, Of Being A Witch

Pearl Emmanuel

Sophia Momodu introduced artist, Davido, into the world of baby mamas. She had a plan to end up with the artist and be the only woman in his life when she became pregnant for him.

Her dreams, however, were quickly turned into a sad reality when Davido refused to bend to her whims and caprices and opted to co-parent their daughter with her; hence, conferring on her the baby mama title.

Rumours making the rounds have it that one of the reasons Davido refused to continue the relationship with Sophia was because she was clingy and domineering.

Sophia, who never stopped craving Davido' s attention even after he impregnated another lady and had a child with her, has decided to take her clinging need to the internet.

She took to Instagram to state that sometimes she wished she could be a father and a mother to her daughter, Imade.

This sparked rumours, as the fans decoded there was probably trouble in paradise again.

Chioma has put out a disclaimer that she is not responsible for Sophia Momodu's loneliness.

Davido, on the other hand, accused Sophia of being a witch who has been using fake accounts to troll Chef Chi.

This accusation from Davido may be as a result of the reported near miscarriage Chioma experienced recently.

Chioma is currently recovering from the traumatic experience, as she has been instructed to be on bed rest.

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