Olu Michaels
Olu Michaels

Nollywood Producer, Olu Michaels, Justifies High Rate Of Divorce In The Industry

Pearl Emmanuel

It is no longer strange that divorce, especially among celebrities, is fast becoming the norm.

Most celebrities never share their marriage experiences as to what led to the split between them and their spouses. But fans believe that, overtime, the job of the celebrities eventually causes a strain on the marriage, leading to divorce.

Olu Michaels, a Nollywood actor and producer, has shed light on why most celebrities, especially the women, abandon their marriage for singlehood.

A lot of people are quick to attack actresses who are not married or whose marriage folds up one way or the other, forgetting that it rains everywhere. We have all these in other industries but because actors are seen on screen always they are prone to more attacks and bully. A lot of these actors are giving it all it takes to stay in marriage but it sometimes doesn’t work, sometimes their partners feel threatened by the fame and wealth, mostly the female actors. I know of a lady in the Industry doing so well than the husband. She built the first house in her husband’s name, the husband took the glory and it went fine, now she opened another house in her own name and that was where the issue started, it took God’s intervention to make the marriage stand again. Everyone wants a together forever experience but if it doesn’t work out that way, we shouldn’t add more salt to people’s pain by trolling them because they are divorced. You don’t know what happens behind closed doors, so allow people do what pleases them, stop acting as if they owe you any explanation. Some people have it worse and yet they still come on social media to troll people. Nobody has it all figured out. We all have a personal chapter in our lives we don’t read out loud. LET HE WITHOUT SINS BE THE FIRST TO CAST THE Stone. Allow actors take decision without having to explain to Y’all. They owe no one any explanation.

There have been cases where these celebrities become unfaithful to their spouses in order to maintain the lives they portray on the gram. While others choose the fulfillment they get from their celebrity status and career over staying married.

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