Every Lady Should Do These 11 Things Before Getting Married

Are you a lady who is planning to get married soon? You should read this.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Marriage is a wonderful thing and we ladies are usually eager to find the one, get married and start bearing and raising our own mini-mes. There are a few things you need to set in place, though, before tying the knot so you can enjoy your marriage to the fullest.

1. Get a life

Get your act together. Build a career on something you love. Learn a skill. Have something doing that can always give you money and keep you busy. Don't be that woman that depends on her husband for everything. No man wants a liability in this day and age. It is important for your respect and dignity. You will be proud of your decision to learn a skill when it comes handy in the future.

2. Travel

Spoil yourself. Travel the world if you can afford it or at least to two or three countries, depending on the resources you have available. Sometimes, we get so occupied with our lives especially after getting married that we actually forget to live. Then you may just find yourself getting frustrated in the marriage. Now is the best time to live your life. Don't just rush into marriage.

3. Learn how to cook.

Every adult, whether male or female, should be able to cook at least one meal very well. It is essential for your survival and independence.

4. Detox your life

Filter your inner circle. Stay away from toxic people if they don't want to change. Let go of the past. Drop every negative and toxic weight. Clean up your life.

5. Stop apologising

Be yourself. Let your no be no and your yes be yes and mean it. Stop living your life to please people. You don't need their approval. Do what is best for you as far as you know you are not hurting anyone in the process.

6. Set standards

Know who you are and what you want out of life. Set your standards. Decide if you want children or not and how many you want to have. Decide on where you will want to live with your partner after the wedding. Define everything from the beginning. Talk about the deep stuff. Know your personal values and the values you want in a partner. It will even help you make a decision on who to marry.

7. Live alone

Be independent. Live on your own for a while if possible before getting married . Not with your parents, friends or partner. It will teach you confidence, independence and self-sufficiency.

8. Face your fears

Do something that scares you. Learn how to swim. Go sky diving. Go mountain climbing. Climb a tall building even though you are scared of heights. It won't kill you but only make you stronger.

9. Fight with your partner

Yes. Fight. It is important that you understand his temperament and character and know if you can cope before getting married to him. After all, you will be together for the rest of your lives. You may as well know now.

10. Get your heart broken

Get hurt. Love hard and get heart broken. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. It will also help you know yourself more and help you set personal standards.

11. Practise self-love

Learn to love yourself. Spend time with yourself. Take yourself out on dates. Spend alone times. Have ‘ME' times. Do all the things you enjoy. Live your best life and don't apologise to anyone for it.

Then, you can go ahead to get married and enjoy your marriage.

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