A mother and child reading together
A mother and child reading together

5 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids How To Read

Trying to get your kids to engage more in reading? This post will guide you.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

It is important to imbibe the reading culture in children at an early age so it can become a part of them. The advent of information technology has birthed enough innovation that can actually act as a form of distraction to kids of these days.

It's okay for them to play video and computer games, watch movies and engage in other leisure fun activities. Still, reading should be a major past time for them, as it will help shape their minds for the future and build a mindset of growth and learning in them. It will also help to improve their vocabulary drastically and help them spell better.

You can teach your kids how to read by:

1. Reading to them

Start from a young age. Buy colourful and interesting books with picture stories for the younger ones to engage them and also make reading fun for them. Make it a routine. Maybe three or four times a week.

2. Buying them books on a regular basis

Buying books for your kids and making the books easily accessible for them can also encourage them to read. You can have a shelf in your living room where a variety of books on different topics can be displayed. You can also put a smaller shelf in your children's room and display enough interesting books on it for them to have their pick whenever they are bored or less busy.

3. Getting access to a library

Apart from having your own personal library at home, you can also sign up the whole family at a public library in your neighborhood or vicinity so that your kids can easily go there when they need some peace and quiet time to read. They will also get a chance to choose from a variety of options of books on different topics to read.

4. Being a good example

Children are known to learn faster by observing, that is why there is always an emphasis on behaving properly when in the presence of growing children. Read when you are around them. Read books on different topics, magazines, newspapers, journals etc and make sure they see you reading. You can even pass the newspaper or magazine to them after reading an interesting article then ask them questions about the article when they are done reading.

5. Asking them to read out loud to you

Let them read out loud to your hearing and also practise spelling difficult words that they encounter while reading as you make corrections. This will help their spelling, pronunciation and retention of new words learnt and knowledge acquired. They should also try writing down words, phrases and sentences while reading. It will also be helpful and you may just be grooming the next Williams Shakespeare or Chimamanda Adichie.

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