4 Texting Mistakes Men Make
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4 Texting Mistakes Men Make

Titilayo Ilori

Some people prefer texting to making phone calls because it is cheaper and it is an easier way to communicate. When it comes to sending an SMS, there are things that men should avoid doing because they can ruin your relationship. Below are a few of these mistakes.

1. You ask a woman out via texts

Some men are shy to the extent that they cannot express how they feel to a woman through a phone call. They prefer sending a text message. This is wrong, as she might see you as an irresponsible man and take you for granted.  So, it is best to express your feelings by giving her a call or when you meet in person.

2. You are always available

It is okay to pretend to be busy. Sometimes, if a woman sends you an SMS and you reply immediately, she will begin to take you for granted. Don't let her know you value her so much. Don't be quick to reply to her messages.

At the same time, don't take forever to reply to her text messages. If you do, it might make her lose interest in you.

3. You text too often

No matter how much you love her, you must control your emotions and limit the way you text her. Give her time to miss you a little.

4. You send text messages full of errors

It is important to go straight to the point. Be careful not to send too many words so you don't make mistakes. Keep your messages short and straight to the point.

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