Almanah Hope Foundation: A Widow’s Windows Africa

Almanah Hope Foundation: A Widow’s Windows Africa

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

“Until Widows & her issues become an integral discussion & actions of gender equality, there will be no equity in equality”- Almanah Hope


Almanah Hope Foundation, incorporated Jan 2017 is aimed at building social justice and the socio-emotional well-being of widows while growing their economic status.

'A Window’s Windows Africa', our new initiative is a drama series which tells the story of widows and exposes the horrendous experience of women in widowhood across Africa.

This project is aimed to be translated into our indigenous languages and shown across TV and radio stations in cities and rural communities across Africa.

It is so saddening to still hear widows in most of our tribes go through what widows of the previous 5 decades went through, some even worse, all in the name of culture and because of our secrecy and silence.

The psychological effects of most of these repugnant practices have led to the death of many widows and their children often termed a confirmation of her evil deed; making her a "husband killer". Undressed by culture a woman faces all forms of exploitation at the death of the husband.


To expose all the treacherous path women walkthrough in widowhood


The value of this project will be legendary, a great index to article 2 of the human rights declaration. An asset to gender equality and sustainable development goals: as it will not just empower the social and emotional well-being of widows but women and children.

It will also create financial and career opportunities for widows and their children as most of the actors will be taken from them; widowers inclusive.

As we move towards the next decade with the 2030 sustainable goal; the world emphasis is on harnessing properly the potentials of over 49% female population by eliminating all forms of abuses and discrimination.

Considering the world concern on the plight of widows in most continents, including Africa, the expository nature of the drama series will be so informative and educative to create a revolutionary change and social justice not just for widows and children but for women and men.

We want to start shooting in September but we cannot do it alone. We are calling on organizations to partner and sponsor full or part of the production.

The doc-film was screened at the 20th edition of Irepresent international documentary and film festival on Monday at Freedom Park Lagos.

Almanah Hope Foundation: A Widow’s Windows Africa

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