Curvy actress
Curvy actress

Curvy Actress Known As Daddy’s Girl Abandons Nigerian Men For Ghanaian Sugar Daddy

Light skinned curvy actress from Western Nigeria has abandoned Nigerian honey for Ghanaian sugar.

Pearl Emmanuel

Beautiful, light skinned actress, who isn't so gifted in height, is loved by many within and outside Nollywood.

She delved into acting after graduating from Covenant University in 2014 where she starred in a short film. She went on to star in her first feature film in 2015. It is safe to say her career blossomed afterwards.

She grew most of her fan base by starring in indigenous ROK movies.

This actress was born in 1991 and has repeatedly emphasised her gratitude to her politician father who single-handedly raised her and supported her career choice without much hassle, unlike a typical African father who would withdraw his support.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, the actress revealed that she never had surgery done, claiming that her "coke bottle shape" is natural. She also said she never had a tattoo done on her left shoulder.

The actress is not known for having a lot of friends in the industry but she is close friends with colleague, Mofe Duncan, who recently made his split from his wife public.

The actress is rumoured to be in a serious relationship with Ghanaian billionaire irrespective of her father's rumoured wealth and affluence.

According to reports making the rounds, the actress was seen driving in one of the billionaire's cars a few weeks ago.

This might be one of the reasons the actress is private and never divulges information about herself. She has chosen to portray herself as "daddy's girl" while allegedly collecting the bulk money from a bigger daddy outside Nigeria.

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