Long beautiful natural hair
Long beautiful natural hair

Ladies! Learn 10 Tips For Long, Healthy Hair

Learn some useful tips to help you maintain and grow your natural hair.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Growing and maintaining your hair can be stressful sometimes and other times you may not exactly have the right information on how to properly take care of your hair, which can leave you frustrated.

Don't stress anymore, because the tips provided below will enlighten you on how to properly maintain your hair and even have longer and healthier hair.

1. Don't wash it too often

Washing your hair all the time, especially with hot water can cause it to dry out and become brittle, which will eventually lead to hair breakage and thinning out. Try to wash your hair maybe twice a week if you have to and use cold water to wash it instead of hot water. Also, make sure you wear a shower cap when taking your bath so water won't touch your hair.

2. Don't towel-dry or blow dry your hair after washing it

Instead, leave it to air-dry naturally. Even if you need to towel-dry it, do it gently with a soft cloth or soft towel to prevent hair breakage. Also, avoid combing your hair when it is wet, as wet hair tends to break easily and faster than dry hair when combed or brushed.

3. Use natural products on your hair

Sometimes, the expensive hair products we use on our hair tend to cause more harm than good. Some of these products contain harsh chemicals like Sulfates and Silicones that cause severe damage to the hair in the long run. As a remedy, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo to get rid of any chemicals on it. Don't put any conditioner on it. Just let it dry out naturally after washing. If you must use a conditioner, try apple cider vinegar diluted in water or even coconut oil. They are natural products that are healthier for your hair than those other chemical-laden hair products.

4. Reduce the use of heating tools on your hair

Reduce the use of heating tools like curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers etc on your hair. Heat is known to cut hair easily. Also, stop using chemical induced hairsprays and gels and look for naturally-made ones. They will help your hair grow longer and stronger while developing a lovely and unique texture for it. You can also apply argan oil or almond oil on your hair as a substitute for the chemical induced hair products.

5. Eat right

Protein is the major nutrient for growth generally in the body. To have long, strong and shiny healthy hair, increase your intake of protein in your diet. Eat chicken, beef, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, nuts, leafy vegetables etc. Omega-3 fatty acids is also healthy fat that is good for hair growth. You can get your supply of that from avocados, nuts, salmon, flaxseed oil, fish oil supplements etc. Also, try to drink a lot of water because if you are dehydrated on the inside, it will definitely reflect on your outside and your hair is not an exception. Rather than taking soda, sugary drinks, caffeine or alcohol, drink water and reap the benefits it will provide for the health and growth of your hair.

6. Reduce stress levels and get some sleep

Stress, if not properly managed, can actually cause a lot of harm to the body and loss of hair is one of them. Therefore, try to get a maximum of 8 hours of beauty sleep during which period your body will be relaxed enough to carry out some growth and repair, especially on your hair. You can also try out yoga or exercise to ease of stress.

7. Use good quality hair supplements

Look for multivitamins that are good for hair, skin and nails. They usually contain important vitamins that are essential for hair growth like Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the B-vitamins. They can also do some work on your skin while at it as a bonus.

8. Resist the urge to dye your hair

It is stylish, tempting and can be attractive to rock a blonde or wine-coloured look but it can also be damaging to your hair. Frequent dyeing actually reduces hair growth because of the chemicals in the dye so you know what to do if you want to achieve your hair growth goals.

9. Get a silk case for your pillow

Satin and silk fabrics have a softer and smoother surface than cotton fabrics which will be good for the health and maintenance of your hair. Therefore, ditch that cotton pillowcase and get a silky one in order to prevent friction between your pillow case and your hair which will eventually lead to hair loss in the long run.

10. Protect your hair

When travelling or going out under the harsh sun, cover your hair if possible with a hair bonnet or any other soft covering. This will help to protect it from the damage of the sun and the effects of the toxins and free radical elements in the polluted environment.

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