3 Things You Should Never Do To The Woman You Love
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3 Things You Should Never Do To The Woman You Love

Titilayo Ilori

If you truly love someone you would be mindful of what you say in order not to hurt them. You will support them and always want to see them happy. It is best to know what not to say or do to a woman you love. These things include:

1. Joking about her weight

You might see it as a joke but it might hurt her badly. No woman wants to be reminded of how fat or skinny she is. If at all you want to address how she looks or any other personal issue, you should be nice and careful with your words

2. Turning down her advice

There are times she might advise you on some issues. Her advice might sound weird, that does not mean you should insult her.

3.  Not being supportive

There are things that can break a woman faster than infidelity, not being supportive and not appreciating every little thing she does can really hurt her feelings. If she needs your support on anything, and you are in the position to do it, don't hesitate to let her know you are proud of her.

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