4 Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship After Rape
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4 Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship After Rape

Titilayo Ilori

People who are victims of assault often find it difficult to maintain a good relationship. This is because of the traumatic experience they passed through in the past. But there are ways to overcome such problems and they include the following:


1. Take your time to recover

Assault is not what you can easily get over. You need enough time to heal. Do not push yourself and always take one step at a time.

2.  Don't be in a rush to date

It is best to take enough time to heal before going into a relationship. If you need to read a book or read about how to get over it on the internet, please do. A traumatic experience can affect one’s life and relationship negatively if it is not well handled.

3.  Study your partner

Discussing your assault with your partner can be a bit difficult. Make sure you know your partner well before disclosing this information to them so they do not use it against you one day.

4.  Always communicate

Your partner needs to hear your story from you. Do not wait till they hear from a family member. You both need to be on the same page and it will also help you heal faster.

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