5 Simple Ways To Handle Envious Neighbours
Bickering neighbours

5 Simple Ways To Handle Envious Neighbours

Do you have troublesome and jealous neighbours? Learn how to manage them.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Some neighbours can be a pain in the neck. They are never happy for you when something good happens to you. Instead, they keep hating and making snide comments. They may even go as far as bad mouthing and gossiping about you or even sabotaging your relationship with more peaceful neighbours.

With these simple tips outlined below, you will learn how to deal with such troublesome neighbours.

1. Have a calm and focused mindset

Try to maintain your distance from a jealous neighbour and avoid name calling or getting physical when you lose your temper. Do not retaliate when your neighbour says foul words to you because you will both become the laughing stock of the neighbourhood. Be at peace with all men. Do not wait until your neighbour greets you first. If you are consistent in greeting this envious neighbour, they might repent and turn a new leaf. Give peace a chance.

2. Show them you care

You can invite that jealous neighbour for a meal or buy them a card during Christmas. When you approach that jealous neighbour softly, they become ashamed of their bad behaviour and change for the better. Be there for that jealous neighbour, praise them when necessary.

3. Help them

Tell your neighbour how to become as successful as you are. Try to extend a helping hand to your neighbour for them to see the good in you. When they are financially handicapped, give them some money.

4. Identify the reason your neighbour is jealous of you

Take time to evaluate yourself to see if you are not the one causing the rift between both of you. By doing this, you get to know why your neighbour feels threatened and make amends where necessary.

5. Alert the police

If you have done all you can to bring harmony between yourself and the jealous neighbour and nothing changes, the best thing to do is to inform the police. The jealous neighbour might become dangerous and harm you and your family.

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