Model Accused Of Being Pregnant For Kizz Daniel Lays Rumours To Rest

Model Accused Of Being Pregnant For Kizz Daniel Lays Rumours To Rest

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian model, Ade Williams, was recently accused of being pregnant for Kizz Daniel after breaking up with singer, Davido.

The artists mentioned, Kizz Daniel and Davido, paid no mind to the rumours but the young model couldn't stomach such hideous accusations threatening her budding career and decided to speak out.

My attention was recently drawn to a publication by @officialstelladimokokorkus on her page alleging that she had information about my sexual engagement with Kiss Daniel and Davido. Firstly, these allegations are false, unfounded and defamatory. Upon consultation with my legal advisers, I have decided to publish the facts and circumstances surrounding the story to set the record straight even if I will not be exploring litigation options. I was contacted by Stella via direct message who claimed to have put 2 and 2 together and arrived at the conclusion that I am pregnant for Kiss Daniel. At the time, I was chatting with a number of persons and by error typed yes. However, I immediately upon realization deleted the message and told her that it was an error and I am not pregnant for Kiss Daniel, neither have I ever met Davido. I went further in a bid to convince her that it was an error, stated that if I was pregnant or if such information was true, I will not readily admit same to a blogger, especially knowing how bloggers are looking for headliners and means to drive traffic to their content. She seemed convinced and stated that she was not going to post it. Little did I know of her malicious intentions and search for cheap publicity. She proceeded to post the story which has caused this uproar. Now, to evaluating the story, I have never met either Davido nor Kiss Daniel let alone dating or getting pregnant for either of them. I go further to even apologize to both of them for being dragged into this mess of a story by a desperate attention seeking blogger. This story is very ridiculous and unfounded, a very cheap attempt of a desperate Stella to make a headline news. It is rather unfortunate the extent to which people will go for publicity purposes even if it means maligning and destroying the image and reputation of others. Stella, this is very low of someone even of your level. Do better. End of story.

The story seems pretty dicey but we'll definitely find out in 9 months if it is just a rumour or if there is any truth to it.

Do you think the young model is telling the truth?

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