5 Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Know Before Taking A Blood Test
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5 Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Know Before Taking A Blood Test

Margaret Solace

Conception starts from the day you have sex. It takes 3-5 days for semen to fertilize an egg and it begins. Some women wait till they miss their period before they start noticing weird things about their body. But others figure it out weeks before their next period. You want to know how? This is for you.

The woman’s body is made like a machine. When something is wrong, it sends signals to the brain and the brain returns them to the body. When there is a fertilized egg in you, these symptoms start to surface because of the hormones rising by the day. Estrogen and progesterone are the most common hormones in the body during pregnancy. See symptoms of pregnancy below.

• Urge to pee every minute

This is because the baby is growing. It sits on the bladder, forcing every liquid that drops into the bladder out, thereby making you visit the toilet more often.

• Nausea with or without vomit

Some women feel sick, irritated and throw up whenever they get close to something they don’t like. In most cases, they liked these things weeks ago but suddenly can’t stand them anymore. This is because all your organs are sensitive at this point.

• Morning sickness

This symptom is seen in 80% of expectant mothers. Some experience theirs in the first trimester and others experience it throughout pregnancy. Some don’t even experience it at all. You feel weak and throw up, especially in the morning.

• Food cravings

You suddenly want to eat everything that comes your way, even the weirdest things at the wrong hour.

• Spotting and cramps

Do not mistake this for period because in some cases, it’s a sign that you’re pregnant.

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