TBoss Finally Opens Up On Why She Hid Her Pregnancy From The Public

TBoss reveals she is happy with her decision to have a baby outside wedlock at 35.

Pearl Emmanuel

After months of vehemently denying being pregnant, Tokunbo Idowu, also known as TBoss, finally speaks out on why she hid her pregnancy from the public.

We broke the news of TBoss’ pregnancy a few months ago and she denied the claims in several videos to her fans.

Initially, many felt the pregnancy was for model and TV personality, Uti Nwachukwu, but after months of speculations, sources claimed it was for a much elderly man who wanted to keep his identity private.

After the images of the pregnant former BBN contestant went viral online, she has decided to explain why she hid the news of her pregnancy from social media.

Read what she wrote on Instagram below.

What is it about our Generation that’s Always so eager to post up our private lives on Social Media? We get Good news- SM, Not so good news- SM, Someone offends us, someone owes us money, breakups, new home, new car, new shoes, fake designer shoes, borrowed stuff- There’s Absolutely No Mystery anymore. You wanna know about a person? Just look up their SM pages & you’d get a pretty close picture of whom you’re dealing with. I agree I’m not exactly social media compliant but I’m also guilty of sometimes putting more than I ought to have out there thereby subjecting myself to being misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood & highly misjudged. And that’s why it was extremely difficult for me to keep my pregnancy all to myself.I mean it was without a doubt The Best news I have ever had & God knows I wanted to shout it out so as to be heard to the ends of the earth BUT I had to 🤐...Not because I was ashamed or nothing of the sort. Hey, I’m a Grown woman let’s be Real. I was Afraid. I was afraid of exposing My best news to the negativity of little & sad minded people of which unfortunately happen to be a lot... I wanted to enjoy this journey, savor every little moment, understand what was happening to me, my body, keep my sanity for my good & the good of my unborn child. Pregnancy is indeed a roller coaster ride and as Ecstatic as I was, it really hit me. My friends all knew- if you didn’t oh well- maybe that’s your cue😏I went shopping & out a lot & took lots of photos with my beautiful fans - Selfies Only of course & never felt the need to cover up or hide anything- And why should I? Do you know the struggle a lot of women go through to get what I have? A Free Gift from God! And you think at 35 I ought to feel some type of way because someone has an unsolicited opinion about me? Ha Ha Ha... Silence is NOT denial. My silence was just that: Silence- until I was ready to speak about it. 
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