Beauty products
Beauty products

4 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

Margaret Solace

The most common mistakes women make when it comes to makeup is sharing. Sharing things is okay but it is not okay to share when it comes to your makeup. It is advisable for ladies to have the basic makeup products to avoid sharing. Some faces are sensitive and contact with someone else’s products can alter the balance of the face.

These products need to be washed often, but sometimes we get bacteria from sharing our makeup products with friends or families. Some makeup artists are guilty of this, as some don’t clean their products before switching to another person, especially if they have many clients to attend to. Here are the basic products you don’t want to share unless you want to end up with an infection or more.

• Hairbrush

Scalp infections and dandruff are not visible and you never can tell if the person you are sharing your hairbrush with suffers from these. Always have a hairbrush in your purse.

• Lip balm

Lip balms come in contact with the mouth and this shouldn’t be shared unless you are lovers and you kiss anyways. Mouth infections, like herpes or cold fever, can be shared when you pass your lip balm around.

• Mascara

The wand in mascaras come in contact with your lashes and they might spread eye infections like conjunctivitis. The wand can be a breeding place for bacteria.

• Brush

If brushes can talk, they would scream when they go near unfamiliar faces. Brushes have bristles and bacteria can be found mostly in sponges and brushes. You wouldn’t want to get bacteria from someone else. Some faces are sensitive to makeup brushes, too.

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