Ubi Franklin
Ubi Franklin

Fans Bash Ubi Franklin For Refusing To Acknowledge His Fourth Child

Pearl Emmanuel

Music label boss and serial entrepreneur, Ubi Franklin, is no stranger to controversy and doesn't shy away from it.

There have been speculations from different sources that he loves controversy so much that he sometimes pays blogs to post news about him and make him trend on social media.

Ubi recently released his chat with a young man supposedly from his village who asked for his advice. The young man narrated that he got Ubi's number from his father, a fellow village member with the businessman and asked that he listen to his song and possibly help him promote it, but Ubi turned him down.

In response, Ubi explained he turned down the young man because he came to him with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

Still addressing the situation, Ubi explained that he had done a lot of pro bono work in the past and couldn't keep up because he needed funds to train his three children.

His reply raised eyebrows from fans as to why he has completely refused to acknowledge his fourth child with the London businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, who lent him 8 million naira while their relationship was still rosy.

In a leaked chat between Ubi and his baby mama, the triple MG boss assured her that if she went ahead to let the public know he was responsible for her pregnancy he would not acknowledge her child.

True to his promise, since she put to bed, Ubi has never uploaded the picture of their love child. He instead has been flaunting his child, Shiloh, who was conceived with his South African lover and former staff of Instant Apartments.

Fans have expressed their concern, but the label boss seems adamant about not accepting his last child, and Sandra who wanted the publicity, has decided to cater solely for the baby.

Fans now speculate that he has a set of twins with another woman in his village. However, the businessman has only acknowledged three children.

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