Bobrisky and Jaywon
Bobrisky and Jaywon

Singer Jaywon Explains Why Bobrisky Became Gay

Pearl Emmanuel

It seems the friendship between singer, Jaywon, and effeminate Bobrisky has hit the rocks.

Jaywon made a post on Instagram which has since made fans of Bobrisky wonder about what transpired between him and the popular cross-dresser.

According to the singer, most people who are gay in Nigeria do so out of poverty and not necessarily because they enjoy the act which is a crime punishable by law in Nigeria with 14 years jail term.

Jaywon also revealed that only a few percentage of men are born not loving their bodies and would do anything to transform into the opposite sex to become gay.

Jaywon's post has stirred numerous questions, seeing as he was close friends with Bobrisky who has been open about dating the most influential male politicians in Nigeria.

In fact, Bobrisky sent out one of his first birthday invites to the singer, who insisted in his post that he has no problem with the gay community but would rather have them come out of their closet.

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