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Weight loss

6 Ways You Are Messing Up Your Weight Loss Routine

Margaret Solace

Have you been exercising all year without seeing any results? Are you worried that there has been no improvement since you started your weight loss journey? Or are you just about to start and you want to know more about weight loss and mistakes people often make? Here are some mistakes people make on their weight loss journey.

• Starving

A lot of people mistake starving for dieting. Starving yourself might cause more damage than good. First, you are exposed to stomach ulcers. Next, your metabolism needs food before you can lose weight. It has to balance well or else you might eat more food the moment you want to eat, because you have starved yourself so much that your body needs to refill.

• Not watching your calories

Knowing the calories of what you eat helps a lot with weight loss. You might need a dietician to help explain foods and how many calories they contain as well as when to exercise more in case you consume more calories than you should.

• Exercising too much

This might sound weird. Still, you should remember that not doing any exercise is wrong and doing too much is also wrong.

• Wrong food choice

This is similar to watching calories. Your choice of food when you are trying to lose weight matters. You might want to stay away from fats and too much carbs.

• Ignoring proteins and not consuming enough fiber

Include proteins in your diet, a lot of legumes like beans as well as meat, fish etc. Also, not eating enough fiber or none at all can mess up your weight loss plan.

• Eating sugar

You should know that staying away from sugar is the first thing to do before starting your weight loss journey.