Angela Okorie Places A Curse On An Overzealous Mercy Johnson Fan
Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie Places A Curse On An Overzealous Mercy Johnson Fan

Pearl Emmanuel

Following the recent call out of Mercy Johnson by former actress, Sonia Ogiri, and Angela Okorie for her selfish attitude towards them in the past, an overzealous fan of Mercy Johnson reached out to Angela Okorie to rain curses on her son.

Angela, who prides herself on being a strong Christian, decided to explain her root in her religion and extend the curse back to the fan.

Only if you know how many altersI have raised for God. Only if you know who my son is. Before he was conceived God knew him. May death visit your full generation. Any gathering that is not of the lord they shall scatter. You evil spirit may you drink your own blood and eat your own flesh. Any coven that my name and my sons name has been mentioned Holy ghost fire destroy you all. In the sea, in the air, in a native doctor’s shrine. Oku monso gbagbuogi. Be destroyed and removed from the surface Of the earth. Since you wish my son death May your generation be closed. My son is the future president of this country. My son breathes with the life of christ. He died when God died. God himself gave him that life. He shall not die. He will continue to make me and the world proud. Amen. No peace for the wicked. Any witch hovering around Blood sucking demon Die now in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. I am untouchable. The lord lives in me, my son, my household Is covered with the blood of Jesus. Amen.

The actress, who revealed that her son Chamberlain's birthday is on the 5th of September, also explained that her son is untouchable because he already died and resurrected and is therefore untouchable.

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