Dr. Kayode Fayemi
Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Ekiti To Prosecute Parents Who Keep School-Age Children At Home

Austin Papi

The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has urged parents to endeavour to send their children to school, as parents who keep their school-age children out of school in the state will be at risk of being prosecuted.

He explained that the State Child’s Right law supports that all children must be given access to education.

The governor also told newsmen that his leadership is committed to the restoration of the state as the "fountain of knowledge", which is the pride of the Ekiti people.

Fayemi maintained that his administration had provided instructional materials, furniture and a conducive learning environment where teachers could effectively contribute to the growth and development of their pupils in their bid to make the state one of the top ranking in school enrollment in Nigeria.

Parents in the state were also advised by the governor to enroll their children in public schools where they would enjoy affordable and qualified teaching personnel. He further stated that the free education program enjoyed by Ekiti children was funded by tax payers in the state.

In support of what Governor Fayemi stated, Prof .Fransisca Aladejanaz, the Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education (UBE) Board, encouraged parents to enroll their kids in public schools.

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