Sonia Ogiri Explains Why She Insulted Actress Mercy Johnson
Sonia Ogiri and Mercy Johnson

Sonia Ogiri Explains Why She Insulted Actress Mercy Johnson

Nollywood plot thickens, as its popular sweetheart, Mercy Johnson, is dragged through the mud.

Pearl Emmanuel

A video of one-time actress, Sonia Ogiri, heavily chastising Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has gone viral on the internet.

The lady explained how Mercy Johnson successfully prevented her from actualizing her passion and dreams of making it big in Nollywood.

She further maintained that Mercy wasn't just obnoxious and insulting towards her but also blatantly told other producers and directors to completely strip the single mother (Sonia) of any movie which had her (Mercy) in it.

The former actress explained that her passion to act in Nollywood stemmed from wanting to make her son proud of her. She explained that her baby daddy's younger sister didn't want them together and decided to put them asunder.

Their relationship produced a son but she and her baby daddy never got to make it official by walking down the aisle. In order to salvage what was left of her life, she decided to embark on her journey into acting.

She narrated how Mercy made complete jest of her on set with her other friends and completely ignored and embarrassed her in public.

The former actress also insinuated that Mercy turned herself into a mini-god and made people publicly gravel at her feet and beg for her audience.

She also insinuated that Mercy only cared about pushing herself and her career and never bothered carrying other struggling actors or seeming friends in the industry along and helping them ride on her already soaring wings of fame.

Angela Okorie also seconded Sonia's story and explained that Mercy Johnson did worse to her in the industry.

Sonia was crucified on social media for speaking out against Mercy Johnson who could practically do no wrong in the public eye.

Unknown to many, the competition in Nollywood is second to none and there is a high possibility that Sonia didn't fabricate any of the stories. But Mercy has painted herself as an angel on social media and has succeeded in creating a loyal fan base.

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