6 Healthy Things To Do Before Your Next Relationship
Dealing with a breakup 

6 Healthy Things To Do Before Your Next Relationship

Margaret Solace

A bad breakup is painful. Oftentimes, we find it difficult to move on, and when we do, we end up coming right back. Some hoard their emotions, finding it difficult to let go, and this is bad. You can’t move on with closed doors. You have to open them, but how? Here are things we should do before moving on to the next relationship.

• Let go

Leave your old relationship in the past. Let go of any attachment you have to the relationship, especially if it was a bad breakup. Do not hoard your emotional attachment to anything or anyone. If possible discard everything that reminds you of this relationship.

• Heal

After discarding things from your past relationship, it’s time to heal. Find your relaxing aids. If you find help spiritually, go for it and if you are into books and movies, do that but stay away from anything that will remind you of that hurtful place you want to avoid.

• Own your happiness

Find what makes you happy and pursue it no matter what. Know you deserve happiness and you are every man’s dream. Clean up, buy stuffs and makeup for a nice date.

• Be willing

Be willing to start afresh. Do not bring bad vibes to a new relationship because of what you went through in your past relationship. If you do that, the relationship is doomed from the start.

• Trust again

It might be a little hard to believe in another person, especially if your past relationship ended as a result of cheating. But you have to try to trust again. A relationship without trust is zero.

• Do not compare your past relationship with a new one

Do not make this new partner suffer for what your previous partner did to you. Do not compare your past relationship with this new one. It is fine to be cautious and to watch out for traits similar but do not push too hard.

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