6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Egg Whites
Egg whites

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Egg Whites

Margaret Solace

Eggs are rich in protein and protein is known for building foods. Protein helps build muscles and eating protein is a great way to a healthy lifestyle. Egg whites are important in our daily diet. They control cholesterol and also help in muscle and joint production. The egg white is the white clear part of an egg when it is boiled. Here are healthy and beauty benefits of egg whites.

• Blood sugar control

Egg whites are linked to a great control of blood sugar for diabetes and they also help to lower cholesterol.

• High blood pressure control

Egg whites could be an important diet to help fight against high blood pressure. They help reduce or even prevent high blood pressure in the body.

• To strengthen nails

Separate the egg white from the yolk and add milk to the egg white in a bowl. Dip your nails into it. This helps build your nails and also helps with weak nails that break easily.

• To remove facial hair

Egg white, when applied to a clean face, can help remove facial hair, not beards but tiny little hairs that form around the face. Some can be visible while some are not unless you look closely.

• To control oil

This is a plus for people with excess oil on their face. It helps control the sebum production. Add a few drops of lemon to this. The lemon will absorb the oil while the egg white shrinks the pores.

• To make the face firm

Protein is good for the skin because it makes the skin firm, clears wrinkles and lines off the face.

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